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Edit a User

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Administrators with appropriate rights can edit users for the regions and resources they administer. Editing a user's account may change their ability to access and/or receive information about resources, especially when changing their roles and rights. For more information about users and components of user accounts, go to the article About Users


Please be aware of the following as you create and maintain user accounts:

  • Usernames must be unique. To check whether a username is already in use, click Check Username.
  • Passwords must have a minimum of six characters and include at least one number. Spaces are not allowed.
  • You can enter multiple email or pager addresses, but they must be separated with a comma (,).
  • The Default View is the first page a user sees when they log in to EMResource, and it is the first option in the View menu.
  • New users are assigned your region's default role, and by default, they have viewing rights for every resource that is included in the Region Default view.
  • In the Resource Rights section, you can search for specific resources using the filter and search options at the top of the section.
  • In the Resource Rights section, granting the View Resource right means that, by default, the user can view the resource’s status types according to the user's assigned roles. To change the user’s access to status types, click Refine and select or clear the check boxes as appropriate.
To edit a user
  1. Point to Setup and in the menu, click Users. The Users List opens.

  2. As necessary, use the filters and/or search to locate the user you want to edit.

  3. On the user's row, click Edit. The Edit User page opens.

  4. In the User Profile section, enter or edit this information.



Full Name

First and last name of the user as it will appear in the solution. For example, Alex Smith.

First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

First, middle, and last name of the user.


Organization the user belongs to.

Contact Phone

User's primary phone number.

Primary E-mail

User's primary email address.

E-mail Addresses

User's other email addresses.

Tip: If you are entering multiple email addresses and/or text pager addresses, you must separate them with a comma.

Text Pager Addresses

User's text or pager addresses.

Administrative Comments

Comments from the administrator adding or editing the user profile.

User Status

Status of the user account. A cleared check box indicates the account is active and a selected check box indicates the account has been deactivated.

Shared Account

Indicates that the account will be used by two or more people who operate in a common capacity. 

  1. As necessary, in the User Type & Roles section, take these actions.

    1. In the User Has Role column, select the role or roles (with associated rights) that you want the user to have.

    2. If you want the user to be a resource administrator, in the User Can Assign Role column, select the role or roles this user can manage. This option works in conjunction with Administer Users in the Resource Rights section.

  2. In the Views section, enter or edit this information.



Default View

First page the user sees every time they log in to EMResource.

Views in This Region

Regional views this user can access.

View Other Regions

Views of other regions this user can access (these are read-only views).

User Dashboards

Link to user's dashboards that allows you to view, add, and/or edit their dashboards.

Dashboards to View

List of shared dashboards the user has access to.

  1. In the Resource Rights section, use the filters and/or search to find specific resources.

  2. As appropriate, select or clear the check boxes to allow the user access to resources.

  • Associated With, identifies the user as a contact for the resource and sends them resource notifications.

  • Update Status, allows the user to update the resource status.

  • Run Reports, allows the user to generate and manage resource reports.

  • View Resource, allows the user to see resources, as well as their statuses and updates, on Views and Dashboards.

Note: The Refine option can be used to define the user's visibility in relation to specific status types. Select or clear the check box for status types and click Save Changes.

  • Administer Users, allows the user to create, edit, and otherwise manage users for the resource.

Note: This right is usually reserved for resource administrators, and is used in conjunction with User Can Assign Role options specified in the User Type & Roles section.

  1. As appropriate, expand the Advanced Options section to take these actions.

    1. For IP Range for login, enter the range of IP addresses from which the user can access EMResource.

    2. In the Additional User Rights section, select or clear the check boxes to grant the individual user specific rights.

Tip: Rights that have a red asterisk (*) next to the name already exist for the user because they are inherent to their selected roles.

  1. Click Save.

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