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Create a Status

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Authorized users can create and maintain statuses for Multi(-option) status types.

Note the following about status creation:

  • If you just created a new Multi status type, the system automatically takes you to the Status List for (status type) page so that you can create statuses for the type. In this case, start at step 3 in this procedure.

  • You must have more than one status set up to see any options in the auto change status to field.

  • The Is a reason required and Status Reasons options are available only for status types for which status reasons have been made available.

To create a status
  1. From any page, open the Setup menu in the main navigation bar and click Status Types. The Status Type List opens.

  2. Locate the status type and click its statuses link. The Status List for (status type) page opens.

  3. Click Create New Status. The Create New Status page opens.

  4. Complete the appropriate fields:




Name of status


Select the color of the status's font.


Enter a description for the status.


Select to make this status active and clear to make it inactive.

Status Update Frequency

Indicate whether the status should be updated whenever the status is changed or set an expiration time frame for the status.

Upon expiration, auto change status to

Select the status to change to automatically when the status expires.

Tip: One of two things happens when a status expires: the system prompts the users who are required to update this status or the system automatically makes the status change you specify here.

auto change status comment to

Enter the comment that is supplied when the system is set to change the status automatically upon expiration.

Timer Type

Select the type of timer that is used when a status is set to expire or indicate no timer.

Reset Timer

Select the situation that resets the timer: when the status changes or on all updates.

Is a reason required?

Specify whether the user must select a reason for the status change.

Status Reasons

Select the reasons to make available for this status.

When updating status, comments are

Indicate whether comments are:

  • Disabled - The comment field does not appear to the user for this status.

  • Optional - The user can enter a comment when choosing this status, but is not required to.

  • Mandatory - The user must enter a comment when they select this status.

  1. Click Save.

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