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Reactivate a Resource

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Authorized administrators can reactivate inactive resources. Once the status has been changed back to active, the resource can be added to views and assigned to users. In addition, its sub-resources are also automatically reactivated. However, you cannot reactivate resources that are associated with a deactivated resource type.

To reactivate a resource
  1. Point to Setup and in the menu, click Resources. The Resource List opens.

  2. On the upper right, select the include inactive resources check box.

  3. In the list, locate the resource and, on that row, click Edit. The Edit Resource page opens.

  4. Select the Active check box.

  5. Click Save. The Assign Users page opens.

  6. Select and clear check boxes to add to or change a user's access to this resource, or use the check boxes in the header to select all users.

  7. Click Save.

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