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Manage Resource Users

Authorized administrators can manage a resource's users, including adding users, removing a user's access to the resource, and changing a user's level of access.

Note the following about resource users:

  • Use the fields at the top of the Assign Users page to search for a user.

  • If you grant Associated With, Update Status, and/or Run Reports resource rights to a user, you must also grant (select) the View Resource right.

From here you can manage the resource's users and restrict visibility into the resource's status types.

In the Assign Users page, you can select and clear check boxes to add to or change a user's access to this resource; clearing all check boxes removes the user's access to the resource. Refer to About Users: Access to Resources for more information.

A number of filters are available to you at the top of the Assign Users page. In addition to filtering by role, resource types, and username, you can filter the list of resources by the rights you can assign in this section: association with the resource, update status, run reports, view resource, and administer users.


To manage resource users
  1. Point to Setup and in the menu, click Resources. The Resource List opens.

  2. Locate the resource and on that row, click Users. The Assign Users page opens.

  3. Select and/or clear check boxes to add or remove user access to the resource.

Tip: To completely remove the user's access to this resource, clear all of the check boxes for the user, including the View Resource check box. The resource will no longer be visible to the user. To allow the user to view the resource but restrict the user's visibility into certain status types, make certain the View Resource check box is selected and see the following procedure.

  1. Continue with the next procedure to restrict user visibility by status type or if you are done, at the bottom of the page, click Save.

To restrict visibility

By default, if you grant a user view access to a resource (that is, the user's View Resource check box is selected), that user can view all of the resource's status types. You can restrict user's visibility into one or more of the resource's status type as follows:

  1. In the Assign Users page, locate the user and in the View Resource column, click Refine. The Refine Visible Status Types window opens.

  2. Select or clear the status type check boxes.

  3. Click Save Changes. The window closes.

  4. At the bottom of the Assign Users page, click Save.

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