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Edit a Resource

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Authorized users can edit resources to change the resource's name, address, and/or contact information.

Be certain to enter the correct address for the resource, and to provide additional specifics, click Lookup Address to calculate the latitude and longitude for the address you entered.

You can also view a map of the address. Use this option if you are uncertain of the address. Enter the city and/or state in the appropriate fields and then click View Map. A map opens showing an icon at the approximate location. Click the icon and drag it to any location on the map. The system automatically provides the correct latitude and longitude for the location where you drop the icon.

Note the following:

  • Your role and rights determine the resource fields you can edit. If the field is disabled, you cannot edit it.

  • In the Edit Resource page, select the include inactive resources check box to include inactive types in the list. The Active column appears in the table, showing both active and inactive (disabled) types.

  • If you need a resource to have a different Resource Type, contact the Intermedix Support Center.

  • Authorized user can changes a resource's details by going through a View page. Authorized administrators can also access details via the Setup menu.

To edit a resource
  1. Point to View and in the menu, click the name of the resource you want to edit. The Detail View page opens.

  2. Click edit resource details. The Edit Resource page opens.

  3. Complete the appropriate fields:

Field Description


Name of the resource (required).


Abbreviation for the resource (required).

Tip: Abbreviations may be used in text notifications and report.

Resource Type

Grouping of resources, such as by type or proximity (required); select from your region-defined list of types; on your region views, the resource's type defines how it is grouped with other resources, as well as its inherited status types.

Standard Resource Type

Predefined list of resource types or categories (required); this determines the resource's icon for display on the map view; you can also use it as a search term on a number of search pages.

Reports HAvBED data

Select the check box to include this resource when reporting HAvBED data to HHS; to exclude the resource, clear the check box; refer also to HAvBED.

Share with Other Regions

Select this check box to share this resource's information with regions with which you have established and activated a mutual data sharing agreement; clear the check box to remove sharing of this resource.


American Hospital Association identification number; required when a resource sends detailed HAvBED information to Health and Human Services (that is, resource-specific rather than a State summary.

External ID

Unique identifier (primary key) for use with an external interface/program; this identifier is established outside of EMResource; contact Intermedix for more information.


Enter the resource's street address, city, State, ZIP code, and county; if the Reports HAvBED data option is selected, State is required.

Latitude / Longitude

After entering the resource's address, click Lookup Address to obtain the latitude and longitude for the resource; the system automatically populates the information
in these fields and shows a map of the resource's location.

Click View Map to open a map showing the location of the resource; drag and drop the icon to refine the location and latitude and longitude

Tip: If you are unsure of the address, enter the resource's city and State and click View Map. Click and drag the red icon to any location in the map; the system automatically provides the correct latitude and longitude. It may be helpful to switch to the satellite view to display the buildings in the area.


Enter the resource's website address (URL).

Contact Information

Enter the resource's contact information, such as the contact's name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email address (first and last name are required).


Enter notes or comments about this resource, as appropriate.

View Rights

Select to automatically allow all users to view the resource. By default, this option is selected.

  1. Click Save.
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