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Run the Notifications Report

The Notifications Report provides information about notifications sent within the last 13 months. The report allows you to specify a time frame of up to 31 days, as well as filter the results by type of notification, delivery method, whether the notification was acknowledged or not, whether the notification was sent or not, event, and the name, username, or email address of the person who sent the notification.

The report is generated and visible in the system, but you can also export the report as a Microsoft® Excel® file. In the Excel file, the date range and region for your report are presented at the top. Meanwhile, the data appears in the same order as it was on the Notifications Report page in EMResource.

To generate the Notifications Report
  1. Point to Report and in the menu, click Notification Report. The Notifications Report page opens.

  2. Enter some or all of this information to define the report parameters.



    Valid Values


    Initial date of notifications to include in the report.

    Any date in the last 13 months. Entered as: mm/dd/yyyy.


    Final date of notifications to include in the report.

    Any subsequent date within 31 days of the From date. Entered as: mm/dd/yyyy.

    Any Type

    Type of notification.

    • Event
    • Event Start
    • Event Update
    • Event End
    • Expired Status
    • Forms
    • ICS
    • IPN
    • Status Change

    Any Method

    Method of notification delivery.

    • Email
    • Pager
    • Web

    Any Acknowledgement

    Whether an acknowledgement of the notification was received in response from the notification recipient.

    • Acknowledged
    • Not Acknowledged

    Any Sent

    Whether the notification was sent or not.

    • Sent
    • Not Sent

    Any Event

    Events associated with the notification.

    Events in the region during the specified time frame.

    Name, username, etc.

    Name, username, or email address of the person who sent the notification.

    Full name of any user with rights to send notifications in EMResource. 

  3. Click Search.

  4. If you want to refine the search, enter different criteria and click Search again. 

  5. If you want to download the report, click Export List. The report is downloaded according to your browser settings.

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