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Run the IPN History Report

If your region uses Advanced Incoming Patient Notifications (IPNs) and you have the Report - Incoming Patient Notification Details right, you can generate the Incoming Patient Notification History report.

By default, the report includes all resources in your region for which you have the Run Reports right specified in your Profile. However, you can filter the report results by resource, as well as other fields such as triage category and EMS agency.

The IPN History report is compiled in EMResource and automatically downloaded as a spreadsheet that can be viewed in Microsoft® Excel®.

To generate the Notification History Report
  1. Point to Report and in the menu, click Form Reports. The Form Report Menu page opens.

  2. In the list, click Incoming Patient Notification History. The Incoming Patient Notification History page opens.

  3. For From and To, enter the date range of notifications you want to include in the report.

  4. To filter notifications, enter all or part of the Triage Category, Alert Type, Status, Gender, Destination, EMS Agency, or EMS Unit in the Filter field.

  5. Click Search, and the results appear below.

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