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Resource Reports

The Description column in the Resource Reports Menu  provides a brief overview of the report and its use.


To run the Resource Details report, you must have the Setup Region Information right. You can choose from resources for which you have been granted the Run Reports right. You can then choose from status types that are associated with the selected resources and that you are authorized to view.

The system generates the Resource Details report in a spreadsheet format; you can use Microsoft® Excel® to work with the report.

You may also be able to access and generate a report about incoming patient notifications. Refer to Incoming Patient Notification Details report for details.

To run the Resource Details report
  1. From any page, open the Report menu in the main navigation bar, and select Resource Reports. The Resource Reports Menu opens.

  2. In the Menu Option column, select Resource Details. The Resource Detail Report page opens.

  3. In the Resources tab, select the check boxes for the resources you want to include.

Tip: You can filter the list of resources by status (active or inactive), resource type, and name.

  1. Click Next.

  2. In the Status Types tab, select the check boxes for the status types you want to include.

Tip: To remove your selections from the Resources or Status Types tab, click Clear Selections.

  1. Click Generate Report.

  2. Open or save the file.

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