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Incoming Patient Notification Report

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You may be able to access and generate an Incoming Patient Notification Details report from the Resource Reports Menu. You or your role must be granted the associated IPN report right to generate this report. You can run this report for only the resources for which you have reporting rights.


The report includes only those fields that your region requested to be included in the report.

The system generates the report in a spreadsheet format; you can use Microsoft® Excel® to work with the report.

To run the details report
  1. From any page, open the Report menu in the main navigation bar, and select Resource Reports. The Resource Reports Menu opens.

  2. In the Menu Option column, select Incoming Patient Notification Details. The report criteria page opens.

  3. In Start Date and End Date, enter or select the dates.

  4. If you want to filter the report:

    1. Click Filter.

    2. Select the check box for each resource you want to include.

  5. Click Generate Report.

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