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About Reports

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You may have access to a number of reports, depending on your resource affiliation, role, and user rights.

To view the reports that are available to you, open the Report menu in the main navigation bar, and select an option. A menu opens for the type of reports you selected. The Description column provides a brief overview of each report and its use.

Your reporting options may include:


When a report requires you to select resources, and the list contains more than 15 options, search fields appear at the top of the page. You can filter the list by resource group, resource status (active or inactive), resource type, and/or resource name.



For some reports, the generation process involves choosing a format, such as PDF or spreadsheet. In other cases, the system automatically generates the file in PDF or a spreadsheet (.xlsx) format. You can use Microsoft® Excel® or a text editor to work with spreadsheet files.

Note: For reports that are generated in spreadsheet format, EMResource generates .xlsx files; the system does not support the older spreadsheet format .xls.

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