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Manage Standard Status Types

EMResource provides access to numerous standard status types that can be used to classify status types. You may be authorized to specify which standard status types are available to a region.

Only Intermedix can assign a standard status type to a status type. However, if you are authorized to manage standard status types for a region, you can create a status type out of a standard status type. That new status type is then available for use in the region.

To manage standard status types
  1. From any page, open the Setup menu in the main navigation bar and click Regions. The Region List opens.

  2. Locate the region and click its Std Status Types link. The (region name) Region Standard Status Types page opens.

  3. For any given standard status type, do one or both of the following:

  • To make the standard status type available to this region, select its check box in the Available? column.

  • To create a status type based on the standard status type, select its check box in the Add as Status Type? column.

  1. Click Save.

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