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About Other Regions

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A region's default view is accessible to other regions when the two regions have an active mutual aid agreement established. Managing visibility involves establishing the agreement with another region, and then assigning view-only access to users and resources in that region. Other regions' views refresh every three minutes just like your region's views.

Note: To add a region, submit a request to Intermedix with the region's name and indicate whether the agreement is reciprocal. Intermedix sets up and verifies this relationship after confirming that each region has all the necessary agreement paperwork in place.

Read the following sections to learn about the Other Regions menu and tasks you can perform.


If your region has mutual aid agreements with other regions and you granted a user access to at least one, the Other Regions tab appears in the main navigation bar. The user selects one of these to open that region's view.


The information from the other region is view only.

Once the user navigates to another region's view, they can move to any currently running event by clicking the event in the banner and access each resource's detail. They can also download any documents attached to these events. Any event currently running in your region also displays at the top of the other region views.


The Other Region List shows the regions with which you have a mutual aid agreement and indicates the status of those relationships.


Note: If you want a mutual aid relationship deleted, contact Intermedix.

Regions that can view (region name) region

The list on top shows the other regions that may have been granted view access to your region. The information shows the status of the mutual aid agreement between your region and each of these other regions.

As region administrator, you can manage the relationship, which can include the following actions:




Activate a region that has been verified. The Active column indicates whether the region has been activated. The other region can now view your region.


Disable the region's ability to view your region.

The list also indicates the user who changed the verified status and on what date, and the user who changed its activated status and when that occurred.

Activated regions are allowed to view the resources and statuses that you have designated for sharing.

(Region name) can view

The second list shows the regions that users in your region may be able to view via the establishment of a mutual aid agreement.

From here you can change the display order of regions in the Other Regions menu, as well as manage the users who can view each of the other regions.

Related Tasks

You can assign users to another region so they can view that region's information. You can also assign view access to a user from user administration.

In addition, you can:

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