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The Find Resources feature allows you to quickly locate resources and sub-resources within the regions to which you have access.

Watch the "Locate Resources" video.

To open the search page, open the Regional Info menu in the main navigation bar and select Find Resources. You can also click the Search link in the upper right corner of the application page. The Find Resources page opens.


Use the What? section to search for a resource or sub-resource by its name, AHA ID, and/or category (standard resource type). The Where? section allows you to search by location. Enter or select your criteria and click Search.

For sub-resources, you can enter both the sub-resource name and its parent resource's name in the Name field. This will help narrow your search results.

Use the check boxes to select resources in the results and the buttons at the bottom of your search results to take action on the selected resources.



To do the following...

Add to Custom View

Add the selected resources to your custom view. You must have a customized view for this region in order to use this feature.


Add to or change your status change preferences for the selected resources.

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