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Update Your User Information

You can update your user information at any time. These settings help ensure you are receiving the information you want from EMResource.


This includes your contact information and general view and notification options.

To update your information
  1. From any page, open the Preferences menu in the main navigation bar, and select User Info. The Update User Info page opens.

  2. Enter or change your personal and contact information.


  • To ensure you receive the notifications you expect, make certain your phone, email, and text pager are correct. EMResource validates that email and text pager addresses are formatted correctly, but cannot check whether they are functional.
  • To receive EMResource notifications as text messages on your mobile device, go to the article Receive Notifications as Text Messages.
  1. If appropriate, select or change your Default View.

  2. Select your view and notification options:



High Contrast View

Select this check box to use colors in the application that may be clearer in some lighting conditions (such as outside or on a large, wall-mounted monitor).

Opt Out of User Info Reminders

The Regional Administrator can specify the frequency of User Info reminders, which remind users to update their profile information:

  • Never

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Yearly

Select this check box to indicate you do not want to receive these reminders.

  1. In the Notifications Overview section, indicate your notification type selections:





Specify the notification types: E-mail, Text Pager, and Web Page.

All Notifications

Indicate whether you want to receive all of these types of notifications (On or Off).

Include Resource Summary

Select this check box if you want notifications to include updated statuses for all resources that fall into this same resource type.

If you want to receive status change notifications for only the resources of your choosing, clear this check box. Then, for instructions on selecting these resources, refer to Update Status Change Notification Preferences.


Select At All Times to receive all notifications for all resources in the resource type


Select Exclude Time Range to exclude notifications in a specific time period; then indicate the From and To times (24-hour format); you will not receive notifications during the specified time period

  1. Click Save
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