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Update Event Notification Preferences

You can choose how you receive notifications about events based on the type of event. If you choose to be notified by any method, the system sends notifications when an event of this type occurs and, in addition, when a user edits the event or your resource is added to the event. You may also receive a notification when the event is ended.


Event notifications sent via email and text pager contain high-level details, such as the name of the event, the name of the individual who created or edited the event, and the affected regions. To make event access even easier, the email notification also includes a link to EMResource that you can click to open the Log In page. Upon entering valid credentials, you are taken to the event's details page.

You can also subscribe to your region's ad hoc events by selecting notification methods associated with the Ad Hoc Event type.

For some types of events you can also set a limit on notifications. If the event supports this feature, the My Resources Only check box appears in the Notification Limit column.


If you select this check box for an event type, the system sends you notifications only when one or more of your resources are involved in the event.

Note: If no resources are identified in an event template, this feature is not supported. In this case, N/A appears in the Notification Limit column.

For details on automated alerts and notifications, refer to Notifications: Types.

To select notification preferences
  1. Point to the Preferences menu and click Event Notifications. The My Event Notification Preferences page opens.

  2. For each Event Type, select the check box to enable one or more of these Notification Methods:

  • E-mail

  • Text Pager

  • Web Page - If you choose this option, a pop-up window opens when this type of event occurs and the window is accompanied by an audible alert.

  1. For Event Type that have a Notification Limit, select or clear the My Resources Only check box as appropriate.

  2. Click Save.

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