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About Your Custom View

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As you build and maintain your customized view, note the following:

  • In the Search page, click a column header to sort the search results by that data element.

  • When you add a resource to your custom view, the system automatically adds that resource's Resources Type to your view as a section header. You can move the resources within that type to another section, delete the section, rename a section, and so forth.

  • The Sort All button sorts all resources alphabetically within their section. A section's Sort link sorts the resources in that section alphabetically.

In your saved custom view:

  • Click a status column header to view a short description of that status type.

  • Column cells that contain an N/A (in gray font) indicate that resource is not currently reporting that status type.

  • Click show map to show the map in your custom view. To return to the table view, click view table. See also Map View.

  • Click print to print the view.

  • To return to editing your view, click the customize button in the upper right corner of the view.

  • Click refresh to show the most up-to-date information in your view. Keep in mind that the system automatically refreshes the information every three minutes and whenever you perform any action in the system.

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