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About Preferences

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All users have access to certain application preferences and customization options. These settings are unique to each user. The features available depend on your role and access rights. Preferences can include event notifications, status change notifications, and view configurations.

Refer also to Notifications for more details.

Note: You must be granted the appropriate right to be able to view and change your preferences. The majority of users have this right.

The following table lists and describes the preferences you can set:


Contact Options


Event notification


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Web Page

Choose how you receive notifications about events based on the type of event, including your region's ad hoc events.

System notification


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Web Page

  • Choose how you receive general system notifications, as well as expired statuses and HAvBED submission alerts (for those who work with HAvBED).
  • If you use Intermedix's Incident Command System, use this page to sign up for those incident notifications.

Status change preferences


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Web Page

  • Select how you receive status change notifications for the resources and sub-resources to which you have access.
  • For numeric status types, you can set upper and/or lower thresholds. For example, you can choose to be notified via email if a particular status type value is above 3.
  • Email includes the resource's name and, when appropriate, the names of the sub-resource and its parent resource.
  • Refer also Update Resource Statuses and Notifications.

Customized view


User profile information


Specify your contact information and application preferences, as well as your default view.

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