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About Preferences

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Preferences are a series of settings that allow users to manage their EMResource account. All users have access to the Preferences menu, but their options in the menu may vary according to the features enabled in their solution, as well as their role and rights.

The following table lists and describes possible options in the Preferences menu:



Event notification

Select the notification methods (email, text pager, or web page) for the types of events available in your region, including your region's ad hoc events.

Status Change Prefs

Locate resources and select how you receive status change notifications for it and the sub-resources to which you have access.

  • For numeric status types, you can set upper and/or lower thresholds. For example, you can choose to be notified via email if a particular status type value is above 3.

  • Email notifications include the name of the resource and, when appropriate, the sub-resource.

  • For more information, go to the articles Update Resource Statuses and Notifications.

System Notification

Select the notification methods (email, text pager, or web page) for expired status, incident command system (ICS), incoming patient (IPN), and general system notifications.

Change Password

Enter your current password to create and verify a new password.

Security Question

Select a question and enter the answer, along with a valid email address, as a security measure to help you retrieve your credentials in case you forget your password.

Customized View

Create and configure a custom view by adding sections, searching for and selecting resources, reordering and sorting resources, as well as specifying display options. Also, you can choose to make this your default view.

User Info

Specify your contact information and application preferences, as well as your default view.

Personal Info

Enter your personal login credentials to access and manage your login email, name, and default account for mobile access on the shared account.

Personal Login

Enter your shared login credentials to access and manage the personal logins on a shared account.

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