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Participate in an IM Session

Your region may have chosen to enable the instant messaging feature in EMResource. If so, any EMResource user can participate in an instant message (IM) session when invited to do so. Only authorized individuals can initiate an IM session (private or conference).


When you are invited to participate in a session, the IM banner opens (invitation) at the bottom of the page and the doorbell audible alert sounds.


To participate in a session
  1. From any window, click the link in the banner. The Instant Messaging page opens.

  2. Type your response in the message bar at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click Send. The page displays all messages in the message pane above the message bar. In addition, the other participants' messages appear in this message pane.

  4. To continue responding, enter your message(s) in the message bar and click Send.

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