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Initiate a Private IM Session

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Your region may have chosen to enable the instant messaging feature in EMResource. If so, the IM option appears in the main navigation bar.


If you are authorized to initiate an IM chat session, you can initiate a private session (refer to the following procedure) or start an IM conference with multiple participants interacting at the same time.

Tip: In the chat or conference wizard, the fields in angle brackets (< and >) are placeholders for information you need to enter.

To initiate a session
  1. Do one of the following:

  • From any page, click IM in the main navigation bar.

  • If you are viewing the detail of a resource, click the icon in front of the name of the person you want to chat with (Users section).

Tip: The names of users who are currently online are in green in the Users section. These are the individuals you can chat with via IM.

  1. Click New Private Chat. The Create New Chat wizard opens.

  2. Search for the recipient by choosing one of the following, and select or enter the appropriate criteria:

  • List All Users

  • Find user(s) where <container> contains <character string>

  • Find user(s) for resource <selection>

  1. Click Next. The next page of the wizard opens.

  2. Select the individual or entity you want to send the IM to.

  3. Click Create Chat. The wizard closes.

  4. Type your message in the message bar.

  5. Click Send. The message appears in the message pane. It is preceded by your user name.

  6. To continue responding, enter your message(s) in the message bar and click Send.

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