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Set Up or Edit HAvBED Settings

Important: As of the fall of 2016, the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) suspended the HAvBED program. These features are still available in EMResource so you may continue to use them for data aggregation purposes.

Authorized users can set up and edit their region's HAvBED settings.

Note the following about settings:

  • Your State's HHS ID (read only) appears at the top of the page.

  • If you select Aggregate, numeric data is summarized (aggregated) rather than being listed by individual hospital.

To set up or edit settings
  1. From any page, open the Setup menu in the main navigation bar and select HAvBED. The HAvBED Report Schedule page opens.

  2. Click Edit at the bottom of the page. The editable version of the page opens.

  3. Select the Aggregate check box to send only aggregated numeric data, or clear the check box to send detailed data.

  4. Select or change HAvBED scheduling options:

  • Select Active to activate your HAvBED scheduling options or clear Active to disable these options.

  • Select a Scheduled Start and Scheduled End date.

  • Select one or more Scheduled Times check boxes, and indicate the time of day (in 24-hour format) for each one.

  1. If this reporting is to recur at specific intervals, enter the number of week(s) (Recur Every).

  2. Select the day(s) of the week on which the data is to be submitted (Scheduled Days).

Tip: The system calculates the Next Scheduled Date based on the information specified in the scheduling fields.

  1. Click Save. The read-only form re-opens.

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