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EMResource provides a number of options for automatic communication regarding events that affect your resources, changes in resource statuses, system information, and forms (questionnaires) that need to be completed. For many of these, you can specify in your Preferences how you are to be notified.

Read the sections in this topic to learn about contact options you can set up for many notifications and the types of notifications, including event, resource status change, system, and form.

In addition, depending on the type of notification, event setup, and your preferences, notifications can appear as follows:

  • Within the application window in the Notifications pop-up window.

  • In the event banner.

Keep in mind that your administrator can also change your settings.

Contact Options

For your notification preferences for events, resource status changes, and system-related notifications, direct contact options are email and text pager. The text pager option includes any text-enabled device.

Notification via Web Page (that is, the EMResource application) is also an option for some types of notifications. If you choose this option, the notification is delivered directly to your EMResource page. This type of notification is accompanied by a sound prompt, which continues to sound at a regular interval until you acknowledge the notification.

Following is an example of the notification methods available to this user for the listed event types.


This user has opted to be notified via email and Web page for all Chemical Response notifications. For Communicable Disease events, the user has chosen all contact options: email, text pager, and Web page.

Event notifications sent via email and text pager contain high-level details, such as the name of the event, the name of the individual who created or edited the event, and the affected region. When an address is required for an event, that information appears in the notification as well. To make event access even easier, the email notification also includes a link to the event details in EMResource. The user can click this link to open the Log In page.

Note: To ensure you receive the notifications you expect, make certain your phone, email, and text pager are correct in your User Information. In addition, review your event, status change, and system notification preferences.


EMResource provides several automated notification options and preferences.


Events can include unplanned incidents, such as Amber Alerts, mass casualty incidents, severe weather, or other immediate or emergent situations or crises. Automated notifications are sent upon creation of events. Notifications may also be sent when an event is ended and when changes are made to an:

  • Active event, such as adding resources.

  • Active multi-region event, such as adding or removing participating regions.

Events can also be planned, such as a sporting event, training session, drill, or exercise, or designed for information gathering, such as bed capacity and availability counts.

You can specify your preferred notification methods based on event type (template). In addition, you can indicate whether you want to be notified of ad hoc events that are created in your region.


For some types of events you can also set a limit on notifications. If the event supports this feature, the My Resources Only check box appears in the Notification Limit column.


If you select this check box for an event type, the system sends you notifications only when one or more of your resources are involved in the event.

Contact options: email, text pager, Web (EMResource application)

You are encouraged to specify your event notification preferences.

Status Changes

You can also elect to be notified when your resources' statuses change. Examples of resource status changes include: an ED posted limited availability due to overcrowding; a generator is not available due to maintenance; and an EMS agency indicates the availability of their vehicles. You can specify your preferred notification methods by resource.

Contact options: email, text pager, Web (EMResource application)

You are encouraged to specify your status change notification preferences.


The system notification preferences page provides a consolidated view of your system-related notification options.

You are encouraged to specify your system-related notification preferences.



Contact Options

Expired Status Notifications

Reminder that a resource status needs to be updated.

Email, Text pager

Receive notifications for successful HHS HAvBED transmissions

Receive notifications for failed HHS HAvBED transmissions

Note: Only HAvBED administrators will see and be able to manage transmission options.

HAvBED data transmission was successful or failed

Email, Text pager, Web

ICS Notifications

Incident has been started in the Electronic Incident Command System (eICS) at one of your resources.

Incident has been ended in eICS.

Email, Text pager, Web

System Notifications

Example icon: systemnotification.png

System-related information, such as the period of time the system will be unavailable due to maintenance.

Email, Text pager, Web


EMResource also sends automated form notifications. The methods for delivery are set up by the administrator at the time the form is configured. If you are allowed to complete forms, you will be notified via the methods set up in the form. In addition, if you have a pending form, an icon icon-forms2.png appears in the page title bar as a reminder. Click it to view all of your pending forms.

Note: Your region's icons may differ from those presented in this section. Your administrator chooses the icon to associate with many types of notifications.

Incoming Patient

Your region may be set up to receive automated incoming patient notifications from EMTrack®. If so, and you have the appropriate permissions, these notifications appear to you in the pop-up Notifications window. Refer also to Incoming Patient Notifications.

Pop-up Notifications

When you are logged in to the application (or the next time you log in), the Notifications window may open to alert you to an event, resource status change, or form that needs your attention.

If your organization has opted to enable sound, the system issues an audible sound after the pop-up window opens. The sound can differ based on the type of notification.

You can acknowledge receipt of your notifications (click Acknowledge All Notifications) or click snooze. If you do the latter, the system reminds you of this event, form, or situation when you perform a task in the application or switch to another page. These reminders continue until you acknowledge receipt.

Note: Be sure to allow pop-ups for EMResource; otherwise, your browser might block pop-up windows that are essential to certain tasks.


By default, pop-up notifications are enabled (turned on) for all types of events. To view and change any of your notifications options, see Preferences.


Status Changes

When a status changes for your resource, you may be notified via a pop-up window.


For example, you may choose to receive notifications when your resource's ED status changes to Closed or Resource Limitations. If you chose Web as one of your notification methods, the change in status triggers a pop-up in EMResource.


Form notifications can also appear in a pop-up window. For example, if you have been assigned a form to complete, a pop-up informs you that the form is waiting for your attention.

If you are authorized to activate forms, you may encounter situations where you need to know that a particular form has been viewed by the specified recipients. For example, a dispatcher activates a patient form, fills in the patient's transport and critical medical detail, and sends it to the appropriate facility for review. The dispatcher needs the receiving hospital to confirm receipt of the form.


When a recipient acknowledges a form, the system records the date and time and returns this information via a read receipt to the individual who activated and completed the form. The same sound alerts this individual of the read receipt arrival.

Incoming Patients

Incoming patient notifications also appear in a pop-up window. For example, if someone uses EMTrack to send a patient to your facility and you have the right to receive these notifications, a pop-up informs you that the notification is waiting for your attention.


If your organization has opted to enable sound, the system issues an audible sound with incoming patient notifications.

Notifications that you or others at your facility have acknowledged are available from the Form menu for 24 hours after acknowledgement.

Event Banner

Most event notifications also appear in the event banner at the top of the application page. The banner appears just under the title bar and can display multiple events.

The following example shows mass casualty incident (MCI) and Amber Alert events, as well as a regional announcement:


When the user clicks the event in the banner, it expands to show additional details, such as who created the event and the date and time it was created. When an address is required for the event, that information appears in these details as well.


If you are an administrator, you can change your users' settings. For example, when you set up a new event type, you can automatically designate the users who will receive notifications for an event of this type. Depending on the level of access within a region, you can set the following:

Users can change these settings at any time via their preferences.

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