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About the Interface with eICS

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This topic highlights the relationships that is established between EMResource and eICS via the interface.

When incidents are created in Electronic ICS, they are published to EMResource. If an incident affects one of your resources and you subscribed to ICS Notifications, you will be notified of the incident via the methods you specify.

In addition, the ICS icon icon-ics.png appears next to your affected resources in your region views.

You qualify for receiving this type of notification when one of the following applies:

  • You are associated with the resource, are allowed to update its status, and/or have reporting rights for the resource.

  • You have been assigned the View - Override viewing restrictions right.

If you subscribe to these notifications, you are also notified when an incident is ended in eICS.

If you opt to receive emails, the email subject line clearly indicates the alert was generated by changes in eICS.

Note: From the Electronic ICS perspective, an incident is published to EMResource when its Allow State/Region to view this incident setting is enabled.

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