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Set Up or Change Form Security

You can easily manage a form's security, which involves specifying the users who can activate the form, as well as those who can run reports on completed form information.


Note the following about users, resources, and form security:

  • To run a form report, the user (or the user's role) must have that specific right.

  • To run a report on behalf of a resource, the user must have report running rights for that resource.

  • A user can run reports only on data that their users or resource submitted and/or received.

  • If the form is not available for on-demand activation (such as those activated by a change in status or the time of day), the page does not include the Activate Form option.

  • Use the search fields toward the top of the page to search for users. You can search by role, resource type, and/or user ID.

To set up or change form security
  1. From any page, open the Form menu in the main navigation bar and select Configure Forms. The Form Configuration page opens.

  2. Locate the form and click its Security link. The Form Security Settings page opens.

  3. For those users who can access the form, select the appropriate right(s):

  • Activate Form - user can activate a form

  • Run Report - user can run a report against this form

  1. Click Save. The Form Configuration page re-opens.

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