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Send an Incoming Patient Notification

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If your region uses incoming patient notifications (IPNs) and you have been assigned the IPN - Create Incoming Patient Notifications right, either through your role or user profile, you can create and send IPNs.


To send an IPN
  1. Point to Form and in the menu, click Send Incoming Patient Notification. The Manual IPN Entry page opens.

Tip: Alternately, you can access the Manual IPN Entry page by pointing to Form and clicking Incoming Patient Notifications; then clicking Send Incoming Patient Notification.

  1. Enter this information.

Field Description Valid Values
Gender Whether the person is male or female. Male, Female, Unknown
Age Number that represents the person's age in the selected units. Number between 0-120; used in conjunction with a selected unit
Chief Complaint Information about the person's primary complaint. Free text
Triage Category Standard medical triage categories that identify the priority of care required by the person. Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Other, Unspecified
Level of Care Amount of care required to stabilize the patient. BLS, ALS, Unspecified
EMS Agency Agency responsible for transporting the patient. Free text
EMS Unit Unit responsible for transporting the patient. Free text
Transporting to List of regional facilities the patient can be transported to. Free text
ETA Estimated time of arrival. Number in minutes
Evaluation Overall status of patient based on vital signs. Stable, unstable, or customizable options
Blood Pressure Pressure of the blood in the circulatory system. 2 numbers between 0-500, one over the other (systolic/diastolic). For example, 120/80
Heart Rate Heart rate per minute. Number between 0-500
Respiratory Rate Breaths per minute. Number between 0-300
Peripheral Oxygen Saturation Blood oxygen level. Number between 0-100
Temperature Body temperature. Number between 0-122, with one decimal place. For example, 98.7
End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Concentration of carbon dioxide at the end of an exhaled breath. Number between 35-45 mmHg
Vitals Time Time at which vitals were measured. mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm
  1. Click Save. The IPN is sent to the specified facility.

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