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Receive Advanced Patient Notifications

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Advanced incoming patient notifications (IPNs) are received by acknowledging or diverting patients, according to regional, health system, and facility policies, and sending messages when necessary.

To receive advanced IPNs

  1. Take one of these actions.

    1. Through the alert at the bottom of the page, click View List. The Incoming Patient Notifications page opens.
    2. Point to Form and in the menu, click Incoming Patient Notifications. The Incoming Patient Notifications page opens.
  2. In the list, locate the notification and on the left, click Details. The IPN Details page opens.
  3. Review the transport information on the left and patient information on the right. 
  4. On the left, click Acknowledge or Divert. Your action is noted in the Message EMS Unit area.
  5. Below that, as appropriate, enter a message for the EMS unit and click Send. Your message appears in the Message EMS Unit area. Message replies from the EMS unit trigger IPN alerts and appear in this area, below the message you sent.


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