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Opt Out of Resource Forms

There are two ways of delivering forms to users. By default, a user receives all forms they are responsible for completing and submitting. In addition, if the user has rights to a resource, they will receive all forms designated for that resource, both pending and completed.

However, a user's profile can be set up to exclude forms sent to the resources to which they have rights. These users receive only the pending and completed forms that are sent specifically to them.

Note the following about forms:

  • Users still have access to form data via form reports, as long as the user's role has the appropriate report rights. You can also assign the right to an individual user by selecting it in the Advanced Options section of the user's profile. Refer to Edit a User.

  • An authorized administrator can perform this task for the users they manage; the administrator can also make this change to their own user profile.

  • Use the search fields at the top of the page to locate the user. Search by role, resource type, and/or user ID (user name).

To opt out of resource forms
  1. From any page, open the Setup menu in the main navigation bar and select Roles. The Roles List opens.

  2. Locate the role and click the Edit button. The Edit Role page opens.

  3. Select the check box for the Form - Do not participate in forms for resources option.

Tip: When viewing rights that you can add to a user's profile, a red asterisk (*) may appear next to a right. This indicates the right is inherited from this user's role. There is no need to add these to the profile, as the user already has these rights.

  1. Click Save.

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