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Incoming Patient Notifications

If your region has access to both EMResource® and EMTrack®  or another Intermedix solution, you may be using incoming patient notification features.

For example, when a user in EMTrack transports a patient and selects your facility as the destination, a pop-up notification window opens in EMResource.

Note: This topic addresses the region-level Incoming Patient Notifications setting. Your region may be using a specialized form that Intermedix helped you set up to handle these notifications. If you have questions in this regard, ask your administrator.

Your region may also have opted to allow certain authorized users to manually enter and send incoming patient notifications.

As Regional Administrator, you have the authority to manage certain aspects of this set of features. You decide which users have access to these notifications, and which users can manually enter this type of notification.

Refer to Resource Reports for information on an associated report.

Note: If you want to implement incoming patient notifications for your region, or you want more information about this set of features, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Pop-up Window

If you have been granted the appropriate right, either as an individual user or through your role, you can receive and acknowledge notifications about incoming patients. These are generated in other solutions to let you know that one or more patients are en route to your facility.

The notification appears in the same type of pop-up window as other notifications, and may be accompanied by a sound alert.


When you acknowledge the notification you are indicating that your resource is aware of the incoming patient. You can also click snooze to view and acknowledge later, review details, and print the notification.

Form Option

All patient notifications that you or others at your facility have acknowledged in the past day are available to you by clicking Incoming Patient Notifications in the Form menu. If you have been granted the right to create this type of notification, you can also view this page.


The Incoming Patient Notifications in Last 24 Hours page shows the details for each acknowledged notification, including the patient's age, estimated time of arrival at your facility, triage category, and more. The detail also indicates the user who acknowledged the notification and the date and time of the acknowledgement.


A resource's unacknowledged notifications continue to pop-up periodically until acknowledged or 15 days have passed.

EMResource retains all acknowledged and unacknowledged notification details for reporting purposes.


You must assign the IPN - Receive Incoming Patient Notifications right to a user or their role for them to receive pop-up notifications about incoming patients.

You must assign the IPN - Create Incoming Patient Notifications right to a user or their role to allow them to manually enter incoming patient notifications.

You must assign the Report - Incoming Patient Notification Detail right to the user or their role for that user to be able to generate the Incoming Patient Notification Details report. The user must also have reporting rights for one or more resources.

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