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Incoming Patient Notifications

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Incoming patient notifications (IPNs) are alerts that notify you about patients being transported to your facility.

If your region has access to both EMResource and EMTrack, your facility’s instance of EMResource can be configured to receive IPNs from associated agencies that use EMTrack. .

IPNs are generated when emergency medical services (EMS) users in EMTrack submit a patient intake form that includes the destination location and estimated time of arrival (ETA). Information from the EMTrack form is sent to the destination facility’s EMResource solution, and users with access to IPNs see an alert.

Basic IPNs appear in a window, while Advanced IPNs appear in a bar toward the bottom of the page.

In EMResource, administrators determine who has access to IPNs by assigning rights through Setup, under Roles and Users. According to your rights, you may be able to receive and respond to IPNs, send IPNs, and/or generate reports about IPNs.

Roles and User Rights

IPNs are configured on a regional basis. Then, administrators assign IPN rights through Roles, meaning all users assigned that role are automatically granted the right, or individual Users.

Available IPN rights include:

  • IPN - Receive Incoming Patient Notifications, which allows you to receive IPN alerts, access the Incoming Patient Notifications list, and view IPN Details. You can acknowledge IPNs and you may be able to divert IPNs, according to regional, health system, and facility policy.
  • IPN - Send Incoming Patient Notifications, which allows you to manually create and send incoming patient notifications through Forms, on the Manual IPN Entry page. Note: This right is only available with Basic IPNs, and does not apply to Advanced IPNs.
  • Report - Incoming Patient Notification Details, which allows you to generate the Incoming Patient Notification Details (Basic IPNs) or Incoming Patient Notification History (Advanced IPNs) report, located in Form ReportsNote: To run this report, you must have the Run Reports right for one or more resources.

For more information, go to the articles Basic Patient Notifications and Advanced Patient Notifications.

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