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Incoming Patient Notifications

If your region has access to both EMResource® and EMTrack®, you can use incoming patient notifications (IPNs) to alert facilities about incoming patients. IPNs are generally created by emergency medical service (EMS) users in EMTrack and sent to the facility selected as the transport destination. The notification appears as a pop-up window in EMResource, providing information such as the estimated time of arrival (ETA), as well as the patient's chief complaint, triage category, and vital signs.

In EMResource, regional administrators decide who has access to IPNs through the Setup menu, by assigning rights to Roles and Users.

Note: If you need assistance with a customized incoming patient notifications form that Intermedix helped you create, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Roles and User Rights

There are three rights associated with incoming patient notifications that control user access to receive, create, and report on IPNs. These rights can be selected for specific roles, and therefore, are automatically available to anyone who is assigned the role. Otherwise, these rights can be selected for individual users.

Available IPN rights include:

  • IPN - Receive Incoming Patient Notifications, which allows you to receive and acknowledge IPNs in the notification window in EMResource. Additionally, this right is required to review IPNs through Forms, on the Incoming Patient Notifications In Last 24 Hours page.
  • IPN - Send Incoming Patient Notifications, which allows you to manually create and send incoming patient notifications through Forms, on the Manual IPN Entry page.
  • Report - Incoming Patient Notification Details, which allows you to generate the Incoming Patient Notification Details report, located in Resource Reports. To run this report, you must have reporting rights for one or more resources.

Notifications Window

With appropriate rights, you can receive and acknowledge incoming patient notifications. When your EMResource solution is open, the Notifications window appears as a pop-up, just like other notifications, and may be accompanied by a specific sound.


The IPN provides basic details about the patient, along with information about the transport agency, unit, and ETA.

You must acknowledge the notification to indicate that your facility is aware of the incoming patient. Additionally, you can choose to review the notification details, print the notification, or click snooze to temporarily dismiss the notification. IPNs that have not been acknowledged continue to appear in the solution for 15 days.

Form and Report

All patient notifications that you or others at your facility have acknowledged in the past day are available to you by clicking Incoming Patient Notifications in the Form menu. If you have been granted the right to create this type of notification, you can also view this page.


Information about all acknowledged and unacknowledged notifications is retained within EMResource and is accessible through Resource Reports.

For more information, go to the procedure Send an Incoming Patient Notification.

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