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Advanced Patient Notifications

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Advanced incoming patient notifications (IPNs) are alerts toward the bottom of the page that notify you about patients being transported to your facility.

On the alert, click View List to access an overview of incoming patients. This overview list is also accessible through the Form Menu, by selecting Incoming Patient Notifications. Patients appear in reverse chronological order, with the patient with the earliest ETA on top.

A quick review of the Triage Category, along with the Alert Type and Status, provides critical information about patient conditions in an effort to help you coordinate care. Additional information about the patients’ demographics and transport details is also provided.


On the left, click Details to open the IPN Details page. Information entered in EMTrack about the patient’s condition, including their Chief Complaint, Vital Signs, and STEMI, Stroke, Trauma, or Sepsis diagnostic assessment results, are presented.

Transport information, on the left, is highlighted with the color of the patient’s triage category. According to your regional, health system, and facility policies, you may be able Acknowledge or Divert incoming patients. This response is sent to the EMS user who generated the IPN in EMTrack. Additionally, you can message the EMS user to initiate a conversation and request updates, provide directions, or otherwise coordinate the patient handoff.


Information about Advanced IPNs is retained within EMResource and is accessible through Form Reports. For more information, go to the procedure Generate the Incoming Patient Notification History Report.

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