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Edit a Form Template

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If you have the appropriate rights, you can edit an existing form. As part of this process, you specify or change the users and resources that have access to the form. From here you can also remove the form from use.


Tip: When you need to specify users and/or resources who are responsible for the form, use the search fields toward the top of the page to search by role, resource type, and/or user ID.

You can enable the Read Receipt feature for forms that are configured to be activated and completed by the same user. For detail, refer to About Forms.

To edit a form
  1. From any page, open the Form menu and click Configure Forms. The Form Configuration page opens.

  2. Click the form's Edit link. The Edit Form Template page opens.

  3. Make the appropriate changes.

Tip: For details on how the workflow differs based on who initiates and completes the form and how it is delivered, see the procedures in Create a Form Template.

  1. Click Next. The pages that open when you continue to click Next allow you to change one or more of the following, as appropriate to the form:

  • Form's activation status type and status changes that trigger the form

  • Users assigned to complete the form

  • Resources assigned to complete the form

  • Recipients of the completed form

  1. Make the appropriate changes in each page.

  2. Click Next. At the end of the process, the Form Configuration page re-opens.

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