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Configure Questions

After you set up the main form details, you need to configure the questions that appear in the form. You can also use these steps to edit an existing form's questionnaire.


Questionnaires are highly configurable. For example, you can insert instructions at the top of the form and within groups of questions.

Note the following about configuring forms:

  • You can Save your questionnaire at any time.

Note: When setting up a new form, if Active is selected in the template, saving the form makes it available to users, even if you have not yet configured the questionnaire.

  • When editing an existing form's questionnaire, the changes you make are not available to users until you click Publish.

  • You can format the instructions you include in the form. Options include applying bold or italic typeface, creating lists, indenting text, and more.

  • The Report Label field allows you to provide abbreviated question text to be used in notifications and reports.

See About Questions for details on and instructions for configuring each type of question.

To access the form's questionnaire
  1. From any page, open the Form menu and click Configure Forms. The Form Configuration page opens.

  2. Click the form's Questionnaire link. The Template Designer opens in a new window.

To insert instructions
  1. Click Insert and select Instructions. The Edit Instructions window opens.

  2. Enter the text in the Instructions text box.

  3. If appropriate, format the text using the tools available.

  4. Click Save. The Edit Instructions window closes.

To add a table
  1. Click Insert and select Table. The Edit FieldSet window opens.

  2. Build the rows and columns for the table:

    1. Enter a row name in the Table Rows field.

    2. To add another row, click the plus icon and enter a name for that row.

    3. Enter a name in the Table Columns field.

    4. Select the data type from the drop-down list.

    5. To add another column, repeat these steps.

  3. Click Save. The Edit FieldSet window closes.

To add a group
  1. Click Insert and select Group. The Edit Group/Table window opens.

  2. Enter the name or title of the group in Label.

  3. Click Save. The Edit Group/Table window closes.

  4. In the Template Designer window, click the plus icon in the new group's title bar and select an option:

To build a set of fields
  1. In the Edit FieldSet window, enter a name or title in the Label field.

  2. Click Save. The Edit FieldSet window closes.

  3. Click the plus icon in the new field set. The Edit Question window opens.

  4. In the Attributes section, complete the appropriate fields:





The text of the question or field to be addressed. This is the text the user sees.



Type of data or value that the field or question accepts as an answer.

Choose from: instructions, single or multi-line text, numeric, data/time, Boolean, check box, radio button, single or multi-select, or typeahead select.

Type: Instructions

When selected, the Edit Question window opens.

Follow the steps in the instructions procedure.


Type: Numeric

Numeric Type - Type of number to be accepted in the field.

Choose from: number, percentage, or currency.


Decimal Places - Specify the number of places after the decimal point.


Type: Date/Time

Data Type - Specify the date and time elements to include.

Choose from: date, time, or date and time.

ToolTip Help

Brief Description of the field or question and its use. When specified, a Help icon appears next to the field or question.


Add to Summary

If selected, the field or question is included in the form summary.


Report Label

Shorter name for the field or question. It is used in reports.



Guidance on the type of data or the format to enter for the answer.

For a telephone number field, you might enter nnn-nnn-nnnn to indicate the format for the data being entered. This watermark appears in the answer area.

  1. In the Validations section (if available), complete the appropriate fields:





When selected, the user must supply an answer for this question or value for this field.


Min Length

Minimum number of characters allowed for the answer or minimum numeric value allowed to be entered.


Max Length

Maximum number of characters allowed for the answer or maximum numeric value allowed to be entered.


Allowed dates

Specifies the date and time values that are allowed.

Choose from: any date, range allowed, future date, or past date.

  1. To use a predefined, standard list, in the Choices section (if available):

    1. Select the Use a Standard List check box.

    2. Click the List to Use.

  2. To create a list, in the Choices section (if available):

    1. In the Choices field, enter the text or name for a choice.

    2. Click the plus icon to its right.

    3. Enter the next choice's text or name.

    4. Repeat these steps to define all choices for this field.

  3. In the Default section (if available), enter a Default Value for the question or field, if appropriate.

  4. Click Save.

To edit an instruction, group, or table
  1. Click the item's edit icon. The edit window opens.

  2. Make your changes.

  3. Click Save. The edit window closes.

To change the order of components

You can change the order of questions and other components in the questionnaire.

  1. Click the order icon next to the component you want move, and hold down the mouse button.

  2. Drag the component and drop it at its new location.

To save, preview, or publish

Click Save. Components are outlined briefly to indicate the questionnaire is being saved.

You can also Preview the questionnaire to see how the components you are building fit together.

The Save and Preview buttons are not available to be clicked until all required information has been provided. For example, if you added a question without specifying a name (Label), these buttons are disabled.

When you edit an existing form's questionnaire, you can save your changes at any time, which saves a draft of the form without making the changes available to users. You must click Save & Publish to make the changed form and questionnaire available to your users.

To remove a question or element

If you remove a group, you are also removing everything inside that group, including instructions, questions, and tables.

To remove a question or component, click its delete icon.

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