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Retrieve Forgotten Username?

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To log in to EMResource you need two items: your username and password.

If you forgot your username, use the forgot username? link to enter your email address and receive an email with the requested information. Otherwise, contact your administrator for assistance locating your credentials in the EMResource system. Then enter the requested information in the Look Up Your Username page. This helps the system verify your identity. Once verified, your username will be emailed to you.

If you forgot your password, use the forgot password? link to enter your username and receive an email with the requested information. For more information, go to the procedure Reset Forgotten Password.

To retrieve your username
  1. Click the forgot username? link on the Log In page. The Look Up Your Username page opens.

  2. In Email, enter your primary email a address.

  3. Click Submit. An information page opens indicating the username is being sent to you via email.

  4. Go to your email to retrieve your username.

  5. Click the application link in the email. The Log In page opens in your browser.

  6. In Username, enter your retrieved username.

  7. In Password, enter your password.

  8. Click Log In. Your default view opens.

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