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Reset Forgotten Password?

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To log in to EMResource you need two items: your username and password.

If you forgot your username, use the forgot username? link to enter your email address and receive an email with the requested information. Otherwise, contact your administrator for assistance locating your credentials in the EMResource system. For more information, go to the procedure Retrieve Forgotten Username.

If you forgot your password, use the forgot password? link to enter your username and receive an email with the requested information. When you click the link in the email, the system displays your password challenge question. When you provide the correct answer, a page opens allowing you to reset your password. The reset password link in the email is active for a limited time, so it is recommended that you reset your password right away.

Note: You must set up a password security question and answer within the application to enable the forgotten password feature. If you have not set this up and you forget your password, you must contact your EMResource administrator to reset your password.

Note: Some organizations allow multiple individuals to share login credentials. With the forgotten password feature, nothing prevents one such user from changing the password, locking out all who share the username and do not know the new password. To ensure better overall security, Intermedix recommends that each user be provided with their own unique EMResource username.

To reset your password

Note: Keep in mind that using this procedure will change your password for the following Intermedix products to which you have access: Electronic ICS®, EMResource®, and EMTrack®.

  1. Click the forgot password? link on the Log In page. The Reset Your Password page opens.

  2. In Username, enter your username.

  3. Click Submit. An information page opens indicating an email message is being sent to you.

  4. Go to your email to view the new message.

  5. Click the application link in the email. The Password Challenge page opens.

  6. In Answer, enter your answer to the security question.

  7. Click Submit. The Set Up Password page opens.

  8. In New Password, enter your new password, and enter it again in Verify Password.

  9. Click Submit. An information page opens indicating your password was successfully reset.

  10. Open the login page again.

  11. In Username, enter your username.

  12. In Password, enter your password.

  13. Click Log In. Your default view opens.

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