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Not Able to Download a File or Report?

If you are using Microsoft® Internet Explorer® and file download does not work, you need to enable downloads for the Trusted Sites zone. We recommend that you check these settings for both the Internet and Trusted Sites zones.

Note: Periodically, Microsoft issues updates to Internet Explorer. When this occurs, your file download settings may be reset to their default values. If you run a report and it appears that nothing has happened, you may need to configure these settings again.

To configure file download for Internet Explorer
  1. Click the Tools menu.

  2. Click Internet options in the menu. The options window opens.

  3. Click the Security tab.

  4. In the zone section, click Internet or Trusted sites.

  5. In the Security level for this zone section, click Custom level. The Security Settings window opens.

  6. Scroll down to the download section and select Enable for File download.

  7. Click OK. The Security Settings window closes.

  8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 for the other zone.

  9. Click OK. The Internet Options window closes.

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