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Cannot Log In to EMResource?

This article covers several ways you may be able to solve issues with logging in to EMResource.

Why am I unable to access the login page?

Verify you are using the correct website link: https://emresource.intermedix.com.

Why do I keep returning to the login page?

If you enter a username and password combination that the system does not recognize, the system automatically returns you to the Log In page. Double check the information you entered, and keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Your username and password are case sensitive. They must be entered exactly as they exist in the system. Example: Lincoln is a different username than lincoln.

  • Make sure Caps Lock is not turned on.

  • Your browser must be configured to allow cookies while you are on your EMResource system at *.intermedix.com.

  • Your browser must be enabled to receive TLS and SSL.

If you are still unable to connect, contact Intermedix Support at 888-735-9559. In the phone system, press 1 for Client Application Support and then 6 for EMSystems.

After I log in, why is the screen blank?

In order for EMResource to work properly, pop-up blockers must be disabled in your browser or they must be configured with exceptions for *.intermedix.com. Check your browser's Help system for instructions.

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