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Respond to an Event Notification

When an emergency event occurs, it is important that you, as a responder, are notified with critical details as soon as possible.

In EMResource, you can subscribe to receive notifications for different types of events by specifying how you want to receive these notifications. For example, you can select to receive notifications about potential severe weather in the vicinity through the EMResource solution (Web), email, and/or text pager. Your preferences show that you want to receive this type of event notification via Web and email. You are not currently logged in to EMResource, so you first become aware of the event via email.

The email includes the event's name, details, the name of the user who created or edited it, and the regions involved. In addition, the email includes a link to the event's detail in EMResource so you can easily access the system.


To respond to a notification

Click the link and log in to EMResource. The event's details page opens.

If you subscribed to Web notifications, the event notification window also opens. Potentially, an audible alert sounds. Acknowledge the notification.

If appropriate, update the event's statuses.

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