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End an Event

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If you are authorized to do so, you can create and manage events. Some administrators are also authorized to create and manage regions that span multiple regions.

To end an event, open the Event menu in the main navigation bar and then select Event Management. The Event Management page shows a set of details for each event, including the event icon, whether it is a multi-region event, and its status, start and end dates, title, and more.


The options you see in the Action column depend on the following:

  • Your rights in relation to this event, and

  • The current status of the event, such as ongoing or ended.

Note the following about events:

  • Some events end automatically after a period of time. An authorized user can manually end an event prior to the indicated end time.

  • Users who are authorized to work with ad hoc events can create, edit, and end them.

  • EMResource automatically sends notifications to appropriate users when events are created and, for some, when they are ended.

To end an event
  1. From any page, open the Event menu and click Event Management. The Event Management page opens.

  2. Locate the event and click the End link in the first column. A window opens asking you to confirm that you want to end the event.

  3. Click OK. The window closes, and the Status of the event changes to Ended.

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