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About Event Views

When an event is created in your region, the system displays the event banner. The banner displays the event's name (and icon). The banner appears on every page in the application. Refer also to Notifications.

To view details of an event, do one of the following:

  • Click the event notification in the banner toward the top of any page.

  • From a View page, click the event icon next to a participating resource.

  • In the Event List, click View in the Action column for the event.

The event's status page opens. The top table shows each of the resources associated with the event and various details, such as status types (example: triage categories) and the date/time of the last update for each resource. The table under the resources shows the summaries of any numeric status types.

Note: If the event includes many resource types and status types and you are using an older computer or browser, it may take a few moments for the Event Status page to open.

To view an ended event's history, refer to View Event History.

You can also print or export the event details view.

View the Event

When a user creates an event, the system displays a colored Event Banner announcing the event. This event notification displays the event's name and event icon. The user can click the banner to view event details. The banner appears at the top of every page.

When you access a View page, resources involved in the event/incident are marked with the icon associated with that incident type. In the following example, this region's icon for a mass casualty incident is a red helicopter. That icon appears next to the resources assigned to this event.

The following example shows the banner (red bar) and event icons.


Note the following about views:

  • In rare cases, the event creator may choose to not display the event in this banner. To view event details, the user clicks the event icon in the View page.

  • A keys icon appears in the first column of View pages and the Event List if you are authorized to update the status for that resource. See also Update Resource Statuses.

List of Events

The list is available under Event in the navigation bar. The Event List opens. This shows a variety of detail about each active event, as well as events ended within the last 24 hours. Detail includes the event's status, start and end times, name, and more. The Action column provides access to tasks you can perform.


Click View to see the details for an active incident (Event Status page).

For an ended incident, click View History to open the Event History window; it shows informational updates along with the corresponding date/time each update occurred.

This list does not include events scheduled for the future. Future events are only available via the Event Management page.

Event Details/Status

Some events are informational only and resources are not necessarily involved or queried. Other events involve resources and their status types. For these, the page provides details broken down by resource. This can include numbers, such as: beds available in the Emergency Department (ED in the following Event Status example), Operating Rooms available (OR in the example), doses of a particular medication, ventilators on hand, available trauma surgeons, and much more.

Note: If the event creator marked the event as private, you will see only those statuses associated with your facility.


From here you can do the following:

  • Click a cell in the table to update that item (such as the number in each triage category).

  • Click Attached File (in the banner) to open a document related to this event (if applicable).

  • Click the View History link (in the banner) to view the history of the event.

  • Click the keys icon (in the first column) to update all of this resource's event statuses. If you are authorized and required to update a resource, when you take an action in the application, the system automatically takes you to the Update Status page first.

For a multi-region event, clicking the banner shows you the details for your currently selected region and its resources. If you want to view the event from another participating region's perspective, open the Other Regions menu and click the region you want. Then, click the multi-region event's banner in that region to view those resources.

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