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Set Up Template Notifications

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Authorized users can add to and change notification settings for a template.


The Event Notification Preferences for (template) page shows all users . You can search for specific users using the search fields at the top of the page.

Choose the appropriate notification method(s): email, pager, and/or web . Select a check box to activate that notification method for that user; clear the check box to deactivate the method. By default, all users are selected to be notified via the Web (EMResource).

This set of steps applies to all types of events, including ad hoc.

For some types of events you can also set a limit on notifications by using the Res? column and check boxes in the Event Notification Preferences for (template name) page.


If you select this check box for an event type, the system sends notifications to the user only when one or more of that user's resources are involved in the event. In addition, when Res? is selected you must also specify at least one delivery method for this template's notifications.

Use the fields at the top of the page to search for specific users.

Note: Be aware that assigning notification preferences in this way overrides the preferences that users set up in their own profiles.

To set up notifications
  1. From any page open the Event menu and click Event Setup. The Event Template List page opens.

  2. Locate the template and click its Notifications link. The Event Notification Preferences for (template) page opens.

  3. Select and/or clear the following notification method check boxes for users in the list, as appropriate:

  • Email

  • Pager

  • Web

  1. For event types that support a limit, select or clear the Res? check box, as appropriate.

  2. Click Save. The Event Template List re-opens.

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