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About Event Templates

Authorized users can create new event templates and edit existing templates. Templates help you identify in advance certain aspects of a particular type of event, such as the appropriate statuses and resource types. This can save time when an actual event occurs.

Depending on your role and rights, you may be able to view event templates, create an event template, and edit a template. You may also be able to set up event security, specifying the users who will have access to activating and updating this type of event. Finally, you may be able to set up template notifications, indicating how users and resources will be notified when someone creates this type of event.

Event Template List

If you are authorized to manage event templates, you can easily view your region's templates. Open the Event menu in the main navigation bar and select Event Setup. The Event Template List opens.


The page lists your established templates. Details include the icon associated with the template, and the template's name and type. The template Description helps users determine whether the template is appropriate for their current needs.

When you create a template, you have the option of requiring certain location details. This is especially important for unplanned events where response is critical.

Note the following about event templates:

  • A template does not have to be for an emergency or disaster. You can also set up templates for reporting, scheduled events, and announcements.

  • By default, the list is sorted alphabetically by Event Template name. You can sort the list by clicking the name, type, and description column headers.

  • To include inactivated event templates in the list, select the include inactive event types check box on the right side of the page. Clear it to show only the active templates.

Ad Hoc Template

Ad hoc events are based on a template that is provided to your region as a part of EMResource. If you are authorized to work with event templates and maintain ad hoc events, you can edit certain settings in this template. You can also specify users who should be notified of this type of event.

The ad hoc Template Name cannot be changed. You can edit the definition, default information, audio alert, icon, and the color of the event banner, if enabled.

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