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Web and Mobile Platforms

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EMResource is available through Web and Mobile platforms.

Web is the main application which provides immediate access to crucial information about medical resources, such as hospitals, air and ground EMS agencies, shelters, and critical supplies and services. 

EMResource was designed by clinicians to equip those involved in medical response with essential, real-time information. Features include viewing and updating resources, updating user information and notification preferences, accessing a variety of regional information, initiating instant messaging with other users, and more.

Mobile offers a key subset of the functions available on the Web. With the mobile app, you can obtain resource information from almost anywhere, as long as you have WiFi or mobile data service. 

For example, as a nurse in the ER, you can use the app to update your ER’s current operational status and check the status of active incidents in your area. As a first responder at an incident site, you can use the app to check emergency room capacity and bed availability at nearby hospitals. 
EMResource Mobile provides access to critical information, and its interactive features can help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from isolated and large-scale incidents.

You can use EMResource on a daily basis to view the overall operational status of your resources, as well as monitor individual resource conditions, including emergency department or EMS operational statuses, behavioral health and dialysis bed capacities, and medical staff availability. Further, if your responsibilities include updating resource statuses, you can use the app to make updates, which are instantly available to authorized users throughout your region.

Using the app, you can also easily accomplish other daily administrative tasks, such as viewing hospital bed availability counts, accessing user accounts, and changing user passwords.

Note: In order to open and use the EMResource mobile app, you must have valid EMResource login credentials.

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