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Product Announcements

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Product announcements are PDF documents that cover the new features and enhancements associated with a specific release of the product. You can easily print and distribute these documents, as appropriate.

Recent Announcements

In general, anyone can access product announcements to learn about the most recent new or enhanced system functions. The announcements appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent appearing at the top.





Mar 2018

General updates and the ability to deactivate sub-resources.


Jan 2018

Introduced personal logins for shared accounts. Also, added vital signs on incoming patient notifications (IPNs), filtering by resource group, updates on the Notification Report, and ZIP CodesTM to the Resource Details Report.


Sep 2017

Introduced several new features, including dashboards, gadgets, resource groups, the Notification Report, and the Notification Summary Report. Added the ability to select sub-resource types on a resource type. Introduced online help through the Client Hub.


Apr 2017

New resource de-activation and re-activation features, enhanced resource filtering, enhanced comment features, and improved selection of resources for reports.


Mar 2017

Enhanced sub-resource administration features, revised resource creation workflow, and new view management sorting options.


Oct 2016

Enhanced event re-notify feature, improved email notifications, new advanced options for views, improved view permissions, and the new forms library.

Interface 3.0

Oct 2016

Improved status information access in the WebEOC EMResource interface.


Aug 2016

Added search options to region view creation.


Jun 2016

Added ability to edit the Region Default View and added sort options to the process of creating a view.


May 2016

New multi-region views, redesigned view setup, new status type summary totals, improved user right organization, and enhanced view options.

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