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Delete a User Account

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You have the option of deleting a user's account if they no longer need access to TripTix Windows or CDX. If the user has access to multiple departments and should only be removed from select departments, keep the account active, but remove the unneeded departments from the user's account.

If the user truly does not need access to any department, you can delete the user from the system.

Note: If the user you want to delete has access to multiple departments, an error message appears to indicate you cannot delete that user. Instead, you can only Deactivate or Remove your department from that user's account.

To delete a user account

Important: Once a user is deleted, they cannot log in to TripTix CDX or Windows. Therefore, ensure that the user you are deleting has finalized all reports for which they are the record owner.

  1. From any page, go to Administration: Users.

  2. From the list, select the appropriate user.

  3. On the System Profile [User's Name] page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete.

  4. When the confirmation window opens, click Yes.

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