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Windows and External Devices Settings

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Use the TripTix Windows section to control settings and features available to users when they are documenting a run record using TripTix Windows.

Use the TripTix Windows External Devices section to manage the devices TripTix integrates and connects with for efficient and accurate reporting. Monitor data, vitals, and EKG traces cannot be transferred to TripTix unless the device from which you are receiving data is toggled On in this section.



Use Signature Documents Locking

If On, completed signature documents are locked and cannot be edited.

Department Locked Hardware Mode

If On, users are prevented from accessing unapproved areas of the OS or other applications while using hardware devices, such as Toughbooks®, for patient documentation purposes. This setting applies to all users in the department for which it is set. Also known as Kiosk Mode.

Use Inking

If On, users have the option to enter reports on the Toughbook using a stylus as a writing tool.

Delete Camera Images

If On, images taken with a TripTix-enabled device are automatically deleted from the device. Use the text field to enter a number in days that, after which, any images stored on the device and not part of an official run record are permanently deleted.

Philips MRx Monitor

If On, Philips® MRx monitor devices may interact with TripTix.

Physio LIFEPAK Monitor

If On, Physio® LIFEPAK® monitor devices may interact with TripTix.

ZOLL Monitor

If On, ZOLL® monitor devices may interact with TripTix.


If On, NEMSIS 3 XSD devices may interact with TripTix.

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