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Update System Settings

CDX offers Department and DOH Administrators the option to manage several aspects of their system, including login security requirements, ePCR field settings, and more. Go to Administration: System Settings to start controlling what users see, the fields found in a run record, and much more.

Note: The image below reflects the page as seen by DOH Administrators. What you see may be slightly different if you are a Department Administrator.


To update settings for your system

Note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

  1. From any page, go to Administration: System Settings. The System Settings page opens.

  2. Use the following subtabs to update the fields as necessary.

  3. Click Save.

Login Security Tab

The fields in the Login Security tab allow you to set requirements for user passwords.

Note: Remember to click Save when any changes are made to these fields.

The minimum password length.

Note: The password must be 8-15 characters long.

Select the check boxes to require uppercase and lowercase letters, a number, and/or a special character in user passwords. Users may not submit passwords without meeting these requirements.

The number of unique passwords users need to have before they can re-use a password.

Note: You can require users to have 5-10 unique passwords.

A password expiration interval, in days. After this time, the user is required to create a new password.

Session Timeout
The time, in minutes, the session can remain inactive before it expires. After the timeout limit is reached, users are required to log in again to continue working in the system.

Note: You can set the timeout to be 10-30 minutes.

PCR Data Tab

The PCR Data tab allows you to manage ePCR field settings. NEMSIS-required fields are indicated with a red asterisk in the Usage column. The system does not permit these fields to be turned Off without setting a Default Value.

Data Entry
This column indicates whether a field appears in the PCR and is available for data entry. To hide a field, select Off.

Note: When you hide fields on the run record by setting Data Entry to Off, they are automatically eliminated from the PDF template as well. If you re-enable a field for data entry, you must also re-enable the PDF display separately.

This column indicates whether a field is included in the PDF copy of the report. To exclude the field from the report, select Off

Note: If you re-enable a field for data entry, you must also re-enable the PDF display separately.

Spell Check
Use this column to toggle On or Off the Spell Check function (for text boxes only).

Default Value
Use this column to enter a value to appear in a field by default. This option is useful when information remains the same on multiple reports, such as the transport destination address or compliance information.

Note: The user can change the default value when filling out the report.

From this section, you can also enter default values for fields in the New Assessment window, seen by users when they document a run record in TripTix Web. When assessments are normal or do not reveal acute injuries, having these fields populate can save the medic significant time when documenting a run.

This column indicates whether the element is required by NEMSIS. If required, data entry for this run field cannot be electively turned on or off.

To set default values for assessment fields
  1. From any page, go to Administration: System Settings. The System Settings page opens.

  2. Click the PCR Data tab.

  3. Expand the Assessment Findings Modal section.

  4. For Within Normal Limits Button, in the Data Entry column, select On.

  5. In the Default Value column, click Set Values.

  6. In the Within Normal Limits Button: Set Values window, select a value for each field listed as applicable. 

  7. Click Save.

Applications Tab

The Applications tab allows you to add applications that users can access from their device. From this tab, you can add, edit, and delete applications as your permissions allow.


Note: When viewing an application, Department Administrators see read-only fields that cannot be changed.

Documents Tab

The Documents tab allows you to attach documents that can be accessed either globally or on a department-specific basis.


Other Tab

The Other tab allows you to turn features and fields on and off to determine whether they appear on the appropriate pages in the system.

Allowed Websites Tab

The Allowed Websites tab enables Department Administrators to provide a list of websites approved by your agency that users can access from their device.


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