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TripTix System Settings

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Use the TripTix section to manage basic tasks, elements, and features of the TripTix solution, including fields that appear in the run record, whether narrative templates can be created by users, and more.



Collection of Seconds for Times

If On, hours, minutes, and seconds are recorded on all time fields. If Off, only hours and minutes populate the time fields.

Allow Insurance Manual Entry

If On, users are allowed to manually input data in the fields within the run record’s Insurance section. With this option, users are not required to rely on the options found in the drop-down lists. If Off, users are restricted to selecting options within the drop-down lists.

Use Cardiac Arrest Fields

If On, a new Cardiac Arrest section with its own unique fields opens when a medic indicates they are documenting a run involving a cardiac arrest. The Cardiac Arrest section can assist medics in documenting all elements of the cardiac arrest, including those fields that are helpful for reporting and statistic gathering.

Use Default Medic Signatures

If On, the system automatically uses the report writer’s saved signature to populate the Crew Signature field.

Note: The medic must have a saved signature in the system for this feature to work.

Patient Email Consent

If On, the Intermedix Electronic Consent fields are added in the Patient Contact Information and Closest Relative or Guardian sections. If Off, no emails or text messages can be sent to the patient.

Create Narrative Templates

If On, users have the ability to create new narrative templates.


If On, Not icons appear next to several fields so users can document pertinent negatives.

View PDF For Repetitive Patient

If On, a PDF button appears next to repeat patients when a patient lookup is performed. Click or tap the PDF button to view up to the five most recent PDF run records for the repeat patient.

Automatically attempt to obtain Incident Census Tract

If On, TripTix automatically attempts to obtain the Census Tract value for the Incident Address if one has not already been entered at the time of run finalization.

Auto-Fill EMS Work Related Exposure Grid

If On, the EMS Work Related Exposure table in the Outcome section of the run record is automatically populated with the crew members on the run. Furthermore, the PPE, Suspected, and Type fields are also populated with default values you select.

Auto-Fill ALS Assessment PIN

If On, the PIN is no longer requested when you go to the Assessment section and select Yes for ALS Assessment Performed and Warranted. By default, this setting is Off.

Auto-preview PDF Before Finalization

If On, the user is automatically presented with a PDF of the run record before the run can be finalized. This feature is Off by default.

Show Completed Addenda/Corrections

If On, search results include run records with both incomplete and completed addenda or corrections.

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