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CARES Data Export Settings

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Use the CARES Data Export section to determine data sent to the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES), if applicable for your agency.




If On, additional fields required by CARES appear in the Cardiac Arrest section for responders to complete when they document a code.

CARES Check First Responder Times

If On, ambulance times from the sequence chart (Assessments table) are copied over to the first responder times.

Note: This can only occur if your agency is the first responder.

CARES provided Agency ID

If On, enter the Agency ID provided to you by CARES.

CARES provided First Responder Code

If On, enter the First Responder Code provided to you by CARES.

CARES - Include Demographic Data

If On, patient demographic data is included in data reports exported to CARES.

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