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View a Run's Access History

In TripTix Web, you can easily view all information related to a finalized run record, including its PDF, addenda, attachments, completed forms, comments, fax history, revision history, access history, and eTransfer history. Viewing all these details simultaneously occurs from a finalized run record's Run Summary page.

In reviewing the summary, if it is discovered that any element is missing from the run, such as an attachment or form, these can be added directly from the Run Summary page. If the added element impacts the PDF, the PDF readily updates to reflect the applicable addition.

To review a run's access history from the Run Summary page
  1. From any page, go to Run RecordsFinalized Runs.

  2. Locate the applicable run and clicks its associated Actions button.

  3. Select Summary. The Run Summary page opens.


  1. In the upper left, click View Access History.

  2. When the confirmation window opens, click Yes. The Access History page opens.


From the Access History page of the run record, you can click the Actions button and export this data as needed.

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