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Validation Errors

Validation errors are errors that prevent a run record from finalizing. When a completed patient care report is transformed into XML and checked to ensure its proper formation and validity, validation errors can arise. These errors, then, are derived from an inaccuracy with NEMSIS data elements required by NEMSIS, your state, or, in some cases, your department.

For example, the NEMSIS Schema may indicate that an element can occur only once, must contain a string, and/or cannot exceed 50 characters in length. If the value a user entered for this element does not meet the listed requirements, a validation error occurs.

When you review the validation errors associated with a run record, you can identify the data elements producing the errors. In addition, you can see the severity of the error, read a detailed description of the error, review the value entered for the element that does not follow the requirements, and determine exactly what to fix in relation to the element so that the validation error is resolved.

To view a summary of validation errors for a run record
  1. From any page, go to Run Records: Validation Errors. The Validation Errors page opens.


  2. Locate the appropriate run record, click its associated Actions button, and select View Errors.


The Validation Error Summary window opens, listing all of the validation errors associated with the chosen run record.


Error Summary Table

Six columns are included in the error summary table, helping you identify the exact nature of each error.

Critical nature of the validation error.

Error Source
Source generating the error.

Tip: An XML schema is often referred to as an XSD. XML schema define the rules for the data an XML document can contain and how the document can be structured.

Data Element
NEMSIS data element that generated the error; the element that does not conform to the rules outlined by the NEMSIS XML Schema.

Tip: The NEMSIS XML Schema defines what each element can or should contain. If the data element does not meet these parameters—for example, it does not contain a string or is longer than 50 characters—a validation error occurs.

Data Element Description
Name of the data element as it appears to the user in the run record; the field name itself.

Value Found
Invalid value entered by the user for the specified data element, if applicable.

Error Description
Detailed description of the error, including the parameters for valid values that can be accepted for the specified data element.

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