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Revalidate a Run Record

With the appropriate permissions, you can revalidate a run record. Revalidation aims to resolve any outstanding validation errors.

To revalidate a run record in CDX
  1. From any page in CDX, go to Run Records: Validation Errors. The Validation Errors page opens.


  2. Locate the record you want to revalidate, and then click its associated Actions button.

  3. From the list, select Revalidate.

  4. In the Revalidate Run Record window, for Reason, enter the reason you want to revalidate the run record.

    Note: A default reason is provided, but it can be updated when applicable.


  5. Click Save.

A green success message appears at the top of the page if the run was successfully sent to validation. Once through validation, the run record either finalizes or is sent back to the Validation Errors queue if further issues with the run remain. 

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