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Narrative Templates

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Narrative templates enable medics to complete the Narrative section of the run record more efficiently. They contain preset text and variables, minimizing the writing medics are required to do.

As an administrator, you can create templates for most commonly used narrative reports and make them available to users in your state or department.

If a narrative template is no longer needed, you can set its status to Inactive. Inactive templates are stored in the system but are not available for medics to use.

A narrative template might have one of the following ownership options:

  • Global – This template is available to all TripTix users. You can deactivate this template, but you cannot edit or delete it.

  • State – This template is visible to all departments in your state.

  • Department – This template is visible to all users in your department.

To view narrative templates available in your system, go to Administration: Narrative Templates. The Narrative Templates page opens.


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